Dealing With Depression When You Have Lost A Loved One

Losing a loved one can cause depression. Though this type of depression does not need medication, there are some cases where medicine may be prescribed. Here are some things that you may need to know when dealing with depression from loss of a loved one.


Mostly, what causes depression is the refusal to accept the loss. One should accept that they are hurting the most and describing it to someone may help them talk it out. The choices one makes may also determine whether the depression will end or they will elongate it.5y6786756y5


One should find someone to talk to. Talking out something that is hurting you is a great step in the healing process. This will also help one release what they are feeling about the loss. It is necessary that one also forgives themselves in case they think they had something to do with the death of their loved one.


The basic treatment for depression is exercise. Engaging in physical activity will have an effect on the chemistry of the brain hence help in managing depression. Walks are a great way of exercising as you can do it with someone you can confide in giving you an opportunity to also talk with them concerning how you are feeling. The walks will change your mood for the best since the endorphins will be activated.

Seek counsel

Counseling is also necessary since one can talk to someone who can help them deal with their loss professionally. Some funeral homes do provide these services so that they help the loved ones of the deceased go through these tough times.

Check your eating habits during this period

Having an insufficiency of amino acids will worsen depression. Eating proteins at all the three meals will also affect your levels of energy and neurotransmitters. One should increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables while at the same time reduce their intake of carbohydrates and fast foods.

To help you handle the other funeral issues, one should seek for funeral services. They help one handle the process till burial. To find the best funeral services, there are two main factors one should consider before settling for one.

The number of people expected to attend

One should estimate the number of people they expect to attend the funeral since the different funeral homes have different capacities to hold a given number of people.

The cost of the service

3ty6ui876j756hOne should find out the cost of the funeral services and what is included so that they can know if they will be able to meet the cost. The service provider should offer great services but at a reasonable price. They should also have detailed information on what the service package includes. If one had funeral insurance, then the cost can be easily catered for by the insurance company.

The death of a loved one is truly a painful experience but with the right kind of treatment during this time then one can go through this with a peace of mind.