Owner-operator truck drivers – Why should you become one?


Given how the entire economy and industry of this country heavily depend on the trucking industry and truck drivers, it is no wonder why this exact profession is so highly wanted today. Being in the trucking business, either as a driver or owner-operator is an amazing opportunity to build a highly profitable and successful job career. While truck drivers can be seen as regular employees, who drive for other truck companies, owner-operator truck drivers, on the other hand, are self-employed subcontractors, who have their own trucks and trailers and who work independently for trucking companies, such as the Status Transportation. These owner-operators can also lease or purchase additional vehicles as well as hire drivers to drive for them.

Being an owner-operator truck driver is a challenging task, and it involves a fair share of advantages, as well as some disadvantages. For those who enjoy being on the road and who are business savvy, becoming an owner-operator truck driver just might be the best career move.

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider becoming one.

Extensive experience

2If you have spent years upon years of driving trucks for long distance, or short distance hauls, it is highly likely that you already possess lots of experience. This experience will not only serve you well while being on the road but also serve as a signal to many clients, who are on the lookout for a reliable driver to transport their goods and valuables. As someone who has been in the trucking business for years, you will certainly know what to expect from all kinds of delivery trips and have a perfect understanding of all the important regulations and rules.


As an owner-operator, you can choose to buy your own truck and trailer set-up or look for various semi-trucks for sale, in order to start your business. Look at this as an investment in yourself and your future. After working with all kinds of companies and manufacturers, transporting their goods and materials all across the country, you will slowly, but surely, get more work and see increased profits. Having a truck of your own and investing in it will make you eligible for owner-operator financing, as well.

High chances of employment

With the current state of the economy on their minds, many CEOs of large companies are laying off large numbers of employees due to a lack of sustainable contracts and poor financial management. The lack of financial stability and high overhead costs are causing a reduction in the workforce. However, the productivity needs are on the rise. While the majority of trucking companies are probably incapable of sustaining large numbers of employees, there is plenty of trucking work to be found. There are always going to be millions of tons of materials and goods that need to be transported between hundreds and thousands of destinations and clients.

By becoming an owner-operator, you will rely on yourself for work. Also, if you were laid off only recently, you can work with a truck financing company that offers owner-operator financing, and find work as a self-employed entrepreneur.

Start your own business

3A large number of trucking companies require at least 12 months of truck driving experience in order to hire new drivers. Finding a job with such requirements can be a daunting task for even the best rookie drivers. If you are struggling to get a job, just because you lack the driving experience, becoming an owner-operator will be the best way of acquiring that experience.