Five categories of music that you should know


Music is broad, with so many genres and sub-genres. In a lifetime, you cannot listen to the half of music types in the world. But as you know, there are some popular genres that will always find a way to the ears of people wherever they are. These genres cut across socioeconomic and political boundaries and get to be listened to by all kinds of people from every corner of the world. Refer to hud truss for a great experience in music.

Five categories of music that you should know

Hip Hop

In a recent Nielsen’s music report, Hip Hop dethroned rock as the most listened kind of music in the United States. Hip-hop took a 25% lead over rock’s 23.5%. Originally, this was not a music genre by itself. It was intertwined with R&B before branching to stand on its own. But it has risen to the top of the charts. However, it has drawn criticism from many quarters for its vulgar and obscenity. Despite the piling mountain of criticism, this music continues to be one of the most lucrative around the world.



In the US, rock has the most listened to kind of music. Until recently, it was dethroned by hip-hop from the top list of the most popular music category. However, rock remains a popular genre the world over. Known for its screaming emos and funky dressing styles, rock is known to lead to deeper emotions than any other kind of music in the world. It has so many sub-genres in it ranging from soft to hard rock. Among the teens and mod-age adults, rock has found a favorite group from these.

Classical Music

This is the hardest kind of music to make. It could take a few hours to write a pop song and take you months to write a symphony. But once the song is out, you can understand why it takes so long to write and produce it. The aesthetics, harmony and predictable beat will be there for you in every song you listen to. The world no more makes classic music lie before.


Jazz is the root bottom of all other types of music.It is ancient, and its insistence on music instruments sets it apart from any other categories. The composition and how everything is harmoniously brought together makes it the best music to cultivate good mood. This is the kind of music that will never go away since it is deep rooted into the society’s culture.



Without blues, many fans believe that other types of music would not have existed. Greatest guitarists of our time play blues before they could try anything else. In fact, blue has given birth to most of the music categories. It (blues) remains soft and simple making it a favorite for anyone who loves smooth and relaxed music.

You must have listened and danced at least to one of these music categories. These five categories rule the world of music, and you should try listening to each of them. Now that you know the top kinds of music increase your sounds and keep your love for music growing.