Suicide Awareness And Prevention – What You Should Do


Every person at some certain times feels hopeless, sad, and alone. For most people such feelings are situational. In fact, they are a natural response to a series of bad events. Fortunately, with time, such individuals can return to their normal emotional states. Unfortunately, for some, depression is a lifelong battle, which they have to deal with each and every day. They have various treatments for this problem, and not all of them can work for all people. If you have a person that is depressed, you can help him or her to seek professional medical care.

Suicide awareness and prevention

Warning signs

Depression, be it situational or chronic, can result in thoughts of committing suicide. Sometimes, it is considered as a mark of insanity, for people that contemplate ending their lives is a rational decision considering what they are confronting. There are social-economic risk factors that can influence the likelihood of a person taking his or her life. In most instances, males are at a higher risk of contemplating suicide attempt than women. This is mainly because men rely on more lethal methods such as hanging and firearms versus exsanguination and overdose.

There are many risk factors that are present for those that attempt suicide. They include job loss, substance abuse, mood disorders, personal or family history, lack of personal support, and end of a long term relationship. Also, there are warnings, which you should be aware of. They can vary from fairly obvious – discussing the feeling of trapped, hopeless, and being in constant pain. Other signs include violent mood swings, changes in the sleeping habits, offering prized possessions, and withdrawing from family and friends.

Identification and support

If you knt23gerf6cy3we7u28ike9o22ow a person who is planning or thinking about suicide, the right thing is to talk to him or her. When a person knows that there is someone out there who cares is enough to change another person’s view of the world. Having a conversation is quite important. It is necessary to avoid being judgmental. This is because the person affected is undergoing a difficult time in his or her life. Remember that you are willing to listen and offer suggestions on how to get out of that. No matter the opinion about taking your life or morality, you should refrain from statements that can turn the person away from you.

You do not have to do everything by yourself. One of the best ways is to provide him or her with jewelry such as suicide awareness bracelets. Also, encourage the person to attend a support group.